SIKA Calibration equipment
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SIKA Temperature Calibrators


SIKA Temperature calibrators stand for an optimum in performance and outstanding ease of use. Thanks to its large 7" LCD touch screen display and user-friendly menu navigation, it simplifies many processes and allows calibrating a large number of samples in a short period of time. The block and set temperature, as well as the difference and the variance of the stability, are displayed on the touch display. The block temperature can be set to precisely 0.001 °C.


Dry block function

SIKA Calibration equipment - Dry Block Temperature calibrators

The optimum thermal coupling from the block to test item is achieved with the correct adapter sleeve. Ideally, the internal diameter of the sleeve is 0.5 mm larger than the outer diameter of the test item. With the aid of the adapter sleeve, straight temperature sensors of virtually any length and diameter can be calibrated. The dry block covers the entire temperature range without the need to change the calibration medium. Viscosity, flash points or outgassing are of no concern.



Micro bath function

SIKA Calibration equipment - Micro Bath Temperature calibrators

The use of calibration liquids offers certain advantages if temperature sensors with an unusual shape and size are to be tested. The test item is immersed directly into the liquid without an insulating air gap, resulting in direct temperature contact between the calibrator and the test item. The liquid, such as silicone oil, is chosen depending on the calibration temperature required. The continuous adjustment of the magnetic stirrer together with the removable sensor basket agitates the calibration liquid to create a large measuring zone. Furthermore, the sensor basket guarantees unhindered stirring and helps protect the tank floor.










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