Frequency dividers Type TU 7052


Product description

Description Frequency dividers Type TU 7052

If the output frequency of a flow sensor is too high for a present read out unit, TU 7052 should be installed. It transforms a high output frequency of a sensor into a lower frequency which can be processed by the present instrument.
The divisor can simply be switched by three rotary switches. The voltage supply for the connected sensor is integrated in the device.









Technical features

Technical features

Signal input Frequency signal from flow sensor
Divisor Switched by three rotary switches in the range of 1...999

Square-wave signal, pulse duty ratio 1:1
> NPN with 5 kΩ internal pull-up resistance and
> PNP with 5 kΩ internal pull-down resistance
> Optocoupler
Power supply 12...24 VDC ±10 %
Casing dimensions (w x h x d) 17.5 x 82 x 67 mm
Casing Plastic casing for c-rail
Ambient temperature 0...60 °C
Storage temperature -10...80 °C



Further details can be found in the datasheet.



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