Calorimetric flow monitor Type VEG


Product description

Possible areas of application Calorimetric flow monitor Type VEG

SIKA VE series calorimetric flow monitors are used to monitor flow rates with typical application areas such as:

  • Protection for pumps against dry running
  • Monitoring lubrication circuits
  • Cooling and heating circuits
  • Monitoring for leaks



Separate version
The flow monitor is easily screwed into the process pipe directly via a connection thread. As the measuring probe is available in two different lengths, a wide range of pipe sizes and wall thicknesses are covered.

The flow sensor installed in the pipe is connected to the switching transducer by a connecting lead. The electronic unit has been designed for installation on a mounting rail. This means that several points of measurement can be monitored from a central location.

Function principle
The calorimetric flow monitor works on the principle of the detection of temperature differences. The cylindrical measuring probe contains two temperature sensors. These have optimum heat conducting contact with the medium and are thermally well insulated from each other. One sensor is heated with a constant electrical power while the other sensor is not heated and thus takes on the temperature of the medium. When the medium is not in motion the temperature difference between the two sensors stabilizes at a constant level.

The flowing medium cools down the heated sensor. The changing temperature difference between the two sensors depends on the velocity and is a parameter for monitoring the specified minimum flow rate. This signal is sent to a comparator which controls a transistor output signal.

With a potentiometer the output signal is set to the requested set point. When the flow rate fails to reach this limit the transistor activates the output signal. A six position LED array displays the proximity to the alarm point which has been specified.


Technical features

Technical features

Separate version
Switching transducer Separate
Output signal
Relay, closing contact
Relay, change over contact

Material electronic housing


Stand-by time

Approx. 2...15 s

Response time Approx. 1...13 s
Max. pressure rating 200 bar
Medium temperature -20...85 °C
Process connection G½ male
Degree of protection IP67

Material sensor

not wetted


stainless steel 1.4571
brass nickel-plated

Electrical connection 4 pin sensor plug M12 x 1 according IEC 947-5-2
Set point range (coverage water: 1...150 cm/s)

Pipe size

DN 15
DN 20
DN 25
DN 32
DN 40
DN 50
DN 65
DN 80
DN 100
DN 150

Water [l/min]



Further details can be found in the datasheet.



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