Flow switch Type VKX15 Push-In

Product description

Possible areas of application Flow switch Type VKX15 Push-In

Our SIKA flow switches are used for monitoring volume flows. Depending on requirements, these are available for various nominal widths and set-point ranges. Our modular approach allows product designs and options to be matched to a wide variety of applications. The broad temperature and pressure ranges, choice of materials and connection options ensure a very high level of versatility, which is why SIKA flow switches are used in so many areas:

  • Heating
  • Industrial cooling circuits
  • Water treatment
  • Potable water applications



The flow switch comprises a paddle system to whose end a permanent magnet is attached. Above this magnet is a reed contact, located outside the flow of fluid. A second magnet creates the force necessary to reset the switch back to the no flow position.
When the flow being monitored pushes against the paddle system, the paddle swings away. This changes the position of the magnet in relation to the reed contact and thus activates the contact.
As soon as the flow is interrupted, the paddle moves back to its starting position, thus activating the reed contact once again. The force necessary to push the magnet back is provided by the two magnets repelling each other. Using magnetic force instead of the usual leaf spring means that the switch is considerably more stable in the long term and much less sensitive to pressure peaks.


Technical features

Technical features

Switching function Contact closes at increasing flow
Setpoint (others on request) 2.5 ± 0.5 l/min*
Flow rate Max. 15 l/min
Nominal diameter DN 15
Pressure rating PN 10
Medium temperature Max. 70 °C
Ambient temperature Max. 70 °C
Electrical connection 0.5 m PVC jacket cable
Switching current Max. 1 A
Switching voltage 24 VAC, 42 VDC
Rating 26 VA, 20 W
Degree of protection EN 60529 IP65

* Water, 20 °C, horizontal pipe


Further details and accessories can be found in the datasheet.


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