The SIKA TD 8250 local display is simply fitted between the connector plug and the cable socket of the SIKA VZ... positive displacement flow sensor. It is programmable via two buttons which are located behind the front panel. It can be set to display either the actual flow rate or the total volume (counter function), as required.

The TD 8250 is available in three different output signal versions:

  • Pulse output (2-channel, depending on flow sensor)
  • Analogue output 0(4)...20 mA
  • Two alarm contacts


The switch amplifier K-130 serves as an interface between electrical signals of the hazardous areas to the safe areas.


Catalogue Positive displacement flow sensors



Local display Type TD 8250 for sensors VZ...

  • Signal input
    Pulse signal from
    flow sensor
  • Display
    Four-digit LED display,
    red, 7.6 mm high 
  • Housing
    60 x 35 x 60 (W x H x D)
    without plug connector

Switch amplifier Type K-130

  • Signal input
    2 channel frequency signal
  • Signal output
    2 channel, open collector
  • EC-type examination
    PTB 03 ATEX 2094 X
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