Positive displacement flow sensor Type VZ0.2AL


Product description

Possible areas of application Positive displacement flow sensor Type VZ0.2AL

SIKA gearwheel flow meters are ideal for measuring flow rates at high or varying viscosities as used in the following application areas:

  • Consumption measurement
  • Control of filling operations
  • Dosage of oils and chemicals
  • Flow measurement of paints / varnishes



A very precisely adjusted gear pair within the casing forms the measuring element. The inflowing medium causes the gear pair to rotate. The rotary motion is scanned by contactless sensors. Since each individual tooth generates a pulse, this results in a very high resolution. Consequently, even the smallest volumes can be measured or dosed precisely.

The measurement unit contains two pick-offs that are circumferentially offset by ¼ of a tooth pitch to generate a 2 channel flow-proportional frequency signal. Suitable processing of the signal provides an greater resolution and the option to identify the flow direction.

The maximum pressure drop should not exceed 16 bar. This limits the measurement range of high viscosity media (see pressure drop diagrams). Basically, the measurement accuracy increases with increase in viscosity of the media.


Technical features

Technical features

Measuring range* 0.16...16 l/min
Viscosity of medium 1...3000 mm²/s

Measuring accuracy

±1 % of reading

Pressure rating

Max. 160 bar

Medium temperature range

-10...80 °C

Thread connection 

Power supply 0.9 W short circuit proof
Housing Aluminium, gold-color anodised
Degree of protection EN 60529 IP65

* For media with high viscosity the measuring range is reduced. The max. pressure drop shouldn’t exceeded 16 bar



Further details and accessories can be found in the datasheet.


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