Switching transmitter Type TU7050


Product description

DescriptionSwitching transmitter Type TU 7050

The TU 7050 is a two channel switching transmitter for use with turbine flow sensors. Pulse signals from flow sensors operate a dual set of galvanically insulated, dry contacts which in turn, may be used to activate alarms. Set point adjustments are allowed, in up to 16 increments, via a pair of rotary switches set into the module’s front panel. The rear panel contains the DIN rail mounting assembly. Two selectable modes are available:

Mode A
Two identical turbine flow sensors operate one set point each.

Mode B
One turbine flow sensor operates a pair of alarm set points (pre-alarm & main-alarm or min. & max.).

The TU 7050 provides a failsafe mechanism as any malfunction of the flow sensor would immediately trigger the low flow alarm setting. The set points are very easily adjusted via the very visible, rotary dial settings and additional oversight is offered by 2 LED lights. The red LED will light in a no-flow condition and a green LED indicates flow.

Technical features

Technical features

Signal input

Frequency signals of up to two identical flow sensors
Display per channel
LED green = ok
LED red = alarm
Set point adjustment
Using two 16-position rotary switches, 16 different set points can be selected per channel

Set point range



0,5...29,5 l/min
3...100 l/min
7...275 l/min




0,5 l/min
2...10 l/min
3...35 l/min

Outputs Two independent, potential free c/o contacts
Max. contact rating
30 VDC / 1 A
150 VAC / 400 mA


Further details can be found in the datasheet.


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