Turbine flow transmitter series Turbotron AI


Product description

Description Turbine flow transmitter series Turbotron AI

Instead of the pulse signal, an analogue current signal 4...20 mA is provided by installing an internal transducer onto the flow sensors described before.
The possible areas of application comply with the particular turbine flow sensor.









Technical features

Technical features

Output signal 4...20 mA
Accuracy ±1,25 % of reading *
Current limit Approx. 26 mA

Different flow ranges,
see order code flow sensor
other scaling possible from 10 pieces and above
Power supply 18...30 VDC
Max. current consumption 30 mA
Max. burden 250 Ω against GND
Residual ripple 0.2 mA ss over the entire range
Type 3 wire, galvanically not separated, common GND of power supply and output signal
Electrical connection 4 pin plug connector, M12 x 1
Max. medium temperature
Dependent on the maximum temperature of the applied flow sensor,
not exceeding 80 °C
Casing material Plastic PA, brass with VTM

* Additionally to respective accuracy of turbine flow sensor


Further details can be found in the datasheet.


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