Turbine flow monitor with switching output series Turbotron VE


Product description

Possible areas of applicationTurbine flow switch with switched output series Turbotron VE

If you make exceptionally high requirements on monitoring of liquid flow, the SIKA turbine flow switch will be the correct selection.

Its areas of application: Monitoring of cooling circuits of highquality equipment like laser installations or HF generators. It avoids costly consequential damages resulting from overheating. A great number of different applications is covered by a very simple and exact selection of the set point. As an option, a pulse signal is also available in addition to the switching output (contact). In such a case, in addition to safe monitoring, a continuous or temporary measurement of the flow (e.g. for adjustment jobs) can also be carried out.



The core of the turbine flow switch is the extremely durable flow sensor SIKA-Turbotron which for years successfully demonstrated its reliability in many mass applications. It provides a flow-proportional frequency signal which is introduced to a microprocessor. This monitors the adjusted minimum flow and activates the electrically insulated alarm contact in the case of dwindling flow.

Even a due blocking of the turbine system is clearly recognized and reliably signaled. The adjustment of the set point can be carried out very easy and precisely. By means of a 16-position rotary switch (catching), the desired set point is selected.

Technical features

Technical features

Set point range (with decreasing flow) / accuracy

DN 15
0.5...29.5 l/min / ±2 % of set point + accuracy of turbine flow sensor
DN 25
3...100 l/min / ±4 % of set point + accuracy of turbine flow sensor
DN 40
7...275 l/min / ±6 % of set point + accuracy of turbine flow sensor
Set point adjustment
16 different set points selectable
by means of a 16-position rotary switch
Output / max. contact rating

Only switching output
Electrically insulated contact, opens in the case of lack of flow
Max. contact rating 125 VAC / DC, 100 mA
Switching output and pulse output
Switching output against power supply
Max. contact rating 100 mA
Pulse output: flow-proportional frequency signal
NPN, max. 100 mA
Switching hysteresis

0.5 l/min (DN 15)
2...5 l/min (DN 25)
3...35 l/min (DN 40)
Power supply 12...24 VDC
Current consumption Max. 25 mA
Degree of protection IP54 with closed sleve and connected socket
Casing Plastic PA, transparent
Display, internal
LED yellow = ok (flow)
LED red = alarm (lack of flow)
Max. medium temperature
Dependent on the maximum temperature of the used flow sensor,
not exceeding 80 °C
Electrical connection 4 pin plug connector, M12 x 1


Further details can be found in the datasheet.


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