Bi-metal dial thermometers types 621 - 681


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Bi-metal dial thermometers types 621 - 681

SIKA precision bimetal dial thermometers are the tried and tested solution for local temperature measurement of fluids and gases in the industrial sector. They are ideal for installation in pipelines, containers, machines and plants and do not require any external power. Based on the high protection class (IP65) and the measurement principle, which makes them insensitive to ambient temperature fluctuations, we recommend these versions for outdoor use also.



Type 621 to 681 dial thermometers are local thermometers with a crimped-on ring case. Cases, immersion tubes and connections are made of stainless steel. All devices comply with EN 13190 and meet the class 1 requirements.

The devices are available in the nominal sizes from 63 to 160 mm. Through the crimped case, the thermometers are permanently sealed (IP65) and they are ideal for case fillings with silicon oil (optional).

We supply many different display ranges with measurement spans from 60 to 600 K. On the connection side, our standard range includes three different designs, six different connection types, various connecting threads along with numerous immersion tube lengths and diameters. When combined with each other, the variants facilitate perfect solutions for nearly any application.

In addition to our standard range we also fabricate special versions based on customer specifications. A great number of options are possible. Please get in touch with us!

Technical features

Technical features

Measuring system Bi-metal coil
Accuracy (EN 13190) Class 1
Case With crimped-on-on ring, stainless steel 1.4
Degree of protection (EN 60529) IP65
Nominal sizes

63 mm
80 mm
100 mm
125 mm
160 mm
Case filling Silicone oil
Mechanical design

Type 621 - Rigid connection with neck tube, Connection position bottom
Type 631 - Rigid connection with neck tube, Connection position central back
                 (option central back, without neck tube, for connection tube A, AK and B)
Type 681 - Universally adjustable
Display range (EN 13190) Measuring range 60 to 600 K

Special versions

  • Other immersion tube diameters, connection types and materials available on request.
  • Other display ranges and /or special scales, e.g. dual scale °C / °F, coloured zones or ranges, dial labelling, etc.
  • Connection position radial at 3 o‘clock, 9 o‘clock or 12 o‘clock. Others on request or installation position differing from immersion tube outlet at bottom (90°)


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