KombiTemp® Type K 8312


Product description

KombiTemp® Type K 8312

Possible areas of application

KombiTemp® K 8312 dial thermometers are the ideal solution for combined temperature measurement of exhaust gas on large diesel engines.
SIKA offers two different versions for common diesel engine types: version 1 for 4-stroke engines and version two for 2-stroke engines.



The dial thermometer displays the temperature locally whereas the integrated sensor provides the basis for the corresponding electrical signal to be transmitted to the engine control room. Measuring in the same measuring point saves cost and ensures matching temperature values both at the local display as well as in the vessel’s electronic system.
Additional features:

  • Two in one measuring point temperature measurement
  • Matching indicator values of dial thermometer and temperature sensor
  • With thermocouple type K
  • Suitable solid material protection tube available
  • Customized versions




Technical features

Technical features

Diesel engine dial thermometers
Measuring range 50…650 °C

Process connection

Union nut


Dimensions housing
80 mm

Immersion tube



115 mm, 215 mm or 220 mm
13 mm

Version Straight or angle 90°(Type K8372)


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