KombiTemp® Type K 522


Product description

KombiTemp® Type K 522


The SIKA KombiTemp® consists of:

1. A SIKA-industrial glass thermometer with the following properties:

  • Shock proof
  • Very good readability
  • Very good long-term stability of the capillary accuracy
  • The capillaries of the thermometer are produced and calibrated in accordance with DIN 16195
  • The housing surface is protected against external influences by a thick anodised coating

2. At customer‘s request, an electrical temperature sensor in the same housing and immersion tube as the industrial thermometer:

  • Temperature sensors in accordance with DIN or customised
  • Any electrical connection options available




Technical features

Technical features

Measuring range -30...200 °C

Process connection

Fixed thread connection


G½  or M20 x 1.5

Dimensions housing 150 x 36 mm

Immersion tube



63 mm, 100 mm or 160 mm
10 x 1 mm


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