Bourdon tube pressure gauge, industrial version type MRE und MRE-g

Product description

Possible areas of applicationBourdon tube pressure gauge, industrial version type MRE und MRE-g

SIKA quality industrial-grade pressure gauges with 100, 160 or 250 mm stainless steel cases are suitable for measuring the pressure of gaseous or liquid media, but not for highly viscous or crystallizing media.



Display ranges
DIN display ranges from -1...0 bar to 0...1600 bar are available (max. 1000 bar with brass connection or 1600 bar with stainless steel connection). Gauges with special ranges can be provided on request.

Case type
The stainless steel case is available in two versions: with a bayonet ring (type MRE) or with a crimped-on ring (type MRE-g). Gauges with nominal size 250 mm are usually supplied with bayonet ring cases. Case ventilation is provided by a pressure equalisation insert.


Technical features

Technical features

Pressure gauges compliant with EN 837-1
Display ranges From -1...0 bar to 0...1000 bar
Nominal size

100 mm
160 mm
250 mm
Mechanical design
Stainless steel case with bayonet ring (type MRE)
Stainless steel case with crimped-on ring (type MRE-g)
G½ B connection at bottom or lower back
Stainless steel
EN 837-1 accuracy Class 1,0

Maximum pressure load

Static load
Dynamic load


100 % of full scale value
90 % of full scale value
130 % of full scale value

Degree of protection according to EN 60529

Filled (with closed pressure equalisation insert)



Storage temperature -40 to 70 °C (-20 to 70 °C with filled case)
Ambient operating temperature -40 to 60 °C (-20 to 60 °C with filled case)

Media temperature

Gauges with brass connection
Gauges with stainless steel connection


60 °C max.
200 °C max. (100 °C max. with filled case)


  • Other connection threads, other display ranges and / or special scales, front or rear mounting flange or u-clamp
  • Laminated safety glass window for gauges with brass connection
  • Throttle screw in input channel
  • Versions for elevated media temperature (only for nominal size 100 or 160 mm with unfilled case)
  • With glycerine filled case (only for nominal size 100 or 160 mm)
  • Red mark on dial; red or green plastic clip on outer edge of bayonet ring or crimped-on ring (not with nominal size 250 mm), moveable red marker pointer on dial (only with unfilled bayonet ring case)
  • Customer-specific special scales available with large order quantities


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