Calibration sleeves etc.


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Description Calibration sleeves etc.

Adapter sleeves
Dry-block calibrators are designed to simplify temperature calibration in the lab and in the field. With the help of adapter sleeves, straight temperature sensors with almost any length and diameter can be calibrated. The dry block covers the entire temperature range of the calibrator with no need for changing the calibration medium. Viscosity, flash point and outgassing are of no concern. Every adapter sleeve can be equiped with a single or several multi bores. Bores with diameters ranging from 1.5 to 25.5 mm can be realised in 0.5 mm steps.

Infrared calibration sleeves
A patented infrared calibration sleeve is used to calibrate IR pyrometers or thermal imaging cameras. The special surface structure and the asymmetrical shapes create a „cavity radiator“ with an emission factor of 0.9994, prevent the reflection of interference radiation and emit the required temperature in an ideal form. The pyrometer is simply held at the specified distance above the measurement opening, thereby forming the desired measurement area on the bottom for the calibration to be performed. A support base can be fitted directly on the unit.

Surface calibration sleeves
Surface temperature sensors are calibrated using special sleeves that are fitted vertically with the required contact force. Switching calibration control to the external reference sensor creates the best possible temperature reference point on the surface of the sleeve. The reference sensor is located directly beneath the abutting face of the sleeve. The sleeve is designed in such a way that the best temperature homogeneity is achieved in the centre of the abutting face. The special design of the abutting face enables good thermal contact. There is no need to use a thermally conductive paste or other thermal conduction aids.

Calibration liquids
Using a liquid calibration medium is advantageous for checking temperature sensors with unusual shapes or dimensions. The test item is immersed in the liquid without an insulating air gap, resulting in direct contact between the calibrator and the test item. The calibration liquid is chosen according to the desired calibration temperature. The sensor lid with 5 silicone plugs and / or a support base ensures the stable positioning of the test items in the calibration bath. The lid reduces heat emission over the surface of the liquid, thereby ensuring optimum measurement results.

Tub insert
Our tub insert is the ideal solution for applications in which a variety of liquids are used. It eliminates the time-consuming task of exchanging the liquids and cleaning the bath. The separate tub insert is just as leak-proof as the bath itself.

Calibration and testing software
The in-house calibration software application is used for temperature calibrators that are equipped with an external interface for programming and evaluating the calibration values. It can be operated easily from an external PC. The following calibration tasks can be performed:

  • Programmable ramp functions
  • Programmable temperature cycles
  • Series tests (e.g. for incoming goods inspection)
  • Preparing the test data in graphical and in tabular form
  • Incorporating customer data in the certificates
  • Programmable temperature gradients


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