Hydraulic table top test pump Type P700.GW


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Possible areas of application Hydraulic comparison test pump type P 700.GW

SIKA test pumps and pressure generators can be used everywhere, including on site in workshops, test and measurement rooms as well as laboratories. They cover a broad spectrum of industries with diverse applications.

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The latest generation of comparison test pumps combines precision - even at high pressures- with a high build quality. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel, whereby a wear-free operation is ensured.

The sophisticated design of these comparison test pumps facilitates the installation of test samples, even with large nominal diameters, without sacrificing the handiness. The built-in adapters on the pressure connections also allow the free alignment of the reference pressure gauge and test sample. In this way, almost any test situation can be taken into account.
Depending on model distilled water and hydraulic oil can be used as test medium. Distilled water is an excellent calibration medium, since it can be removed without problem and without residue. Thereby, sensors can be tested which may not be contaminated by oil, for example. For test pressures above 1000 bar, hydraulic oil is recommended, since it allows an easier test pressure generation because of its higher viscosity.

The filling of the pressure body and test pressure generation are easily done via a rotatable spindle. Large volumes can be easily loaded via the pressure medium reservoir which is built on the test pump. Pressure fluctuations caused by air and gas components in the filling liquid, compensation of thermodynamic effects and precise adjustment of the required test pressure are done via the fine adjustment.

Technical features

Technical features

Pressure ranges
With distilled water
0...700 bar
Basic version
Dimensions Approx. 340 x 225 x 130 mm
Weight Approx. 9.9 kg
Reference G⅜ A left, G¼, G½
Test sample G⅜ A left, G¼, G½, G⅛
Solid version
Adapter kit Stainless steel
Gasket kit Teflon® Seals and O-rings
Dimensions Approx. 450 x 370 x 150 mm
Weight Approx. 12.6 kg



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