General information

Correct and reliable measurements are prerequisites for all high-quality industrial production. Among other things, measuring and testing equipment is used for quantitatively determining properties, as well as for controlling, regulating and automating processes used in manufacturing. Measurements are therefore an important element of industrial quality assurance, as can be seen in DIN EN ISO 9000 and 9001.

Our DAkkS laboratory is your competent contact for recalibration. Our services also include calibration to DAkkS guidelines or calibration on the basis of works test certificates for external products.

Calibration General InformationPurpose of calibration

All equipment used for measurements, including equipment for auxiliary measurements, e. g. of environmental conditions, and which have a significant influence on the accuracy and validity of the result of the test or sampling, must be calibrated prior to use.

Temperature calibration serviceTemperature calibration service

The temperature laboratory is accredited for temperatures from -30 °C to 1300 °C. Thermocouples, indicating temperature measuring and test instruments, as well as temperature block calibrators can be calibrated within this measuring range. Resistance thermometers can be calibrated between -30 °C and 960 °C. The basis of each calibration is the international temperature scale of “ITS-90”.

Pressure calibration servicePressure calibration service

The calibration laboratory for “absolute pressure and positive overpressure” allows the calibration of analogue and digital pressure measuring devices and pressure sensors with an electrical output signal (e. g. 0...10 V, 4...20 mA, ...).

Electric values calibration serviceElectric values calibration service

Resistors and ohmmeters can be calibrated from 0 to 2 kΩ. Depending on the resistance value, the smallest possible measuring uncertainty is 0.1 mΩ. DC voltmeters and transmitters can be calibrated between 0 and 20 VDC with a smallest possible measuring uncertainty of 2 μV. DC testing and measuring devices for standard signals (0)4...20 mA can be calibrated with a smallest possible measuring uncertainty of 0.05 μA.

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