The number of water mains damage recorded by insurance companies is increasing year by year – much more than those caused by fire or storm damage, for instance. Meanwhile, the claims expenses of the insurers for mains damage have grown to more than 2 billion euros per year, and not only in Germany. SIKA turbines and push-in turbines are the perfect flow sensors for the leak detection sector. Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise.

After major water damage to buildings or equipment, the claims are covered by the insurance company. However, the insurance company can subsequently exercise their right to termination, which is certainly not an isolated case. Due to the immensely increased number of claims for water damage, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to retain the existing insurance or to conclude a new insurance policy. Often, the insurance company demands higher premiums or deductibles. In the worst case, it can even become impossible to insure the building at all.

In particular, the supply lines in the engineering rooms, in basements without floor drains, in the roof units, or in shaft installations are areas that should be protected with pipe fracture detection. Insurance companies have been searching for solutions for a long time and it appears that in the medium-term only buildings with appropriate early warning systems will be insured. In future, existing insurance policies may even be terminated if the policy holder does not have a leak detector installed. In highly-sensitive building sections in the commercial or private sector, such water security systems that protect against water damage could even become mandatory to prevent the damage altogether. Insurers are increasingly looking for companies that are capable of supplying such systems. That has led to the cooperation between companies from the insurance sector, Smart Automation (App) and plumbing technology.

It should be noted that leak detectors cannot only be used for protection against water damage. They can also be used to prevent water wastage since it is not only cracked lines but also defective flush boxes, dripping fittings and open garden connections that can lead to significant water consumption. The water sensor checks the entire drinking water installation within a building. Modern water damage detection systems are adaptive systems. During a pre-set learning phase, they can determine – by using a variety of sensors – the individual use and consumption behaviour, such as the maximum draw-off time and bleed flow. As a result, deviations that indicate a leak can be detected. If a pipe fracture is detected, the water supply can be interrupted and the fault can be indicated in a display or through an app.

We provide manufacturers of systems engineered to protect against water damage extensive experience in the field of the measurement and detection of flow rates along with many years of expertise in the development of customised sensor solutions. A combination sensor that is adapted to the planned system is structurally integrated in the specified housing construction. The core of this sensor unit is a push-in flow rate sensor for the continuous recording of the drinking water flow. The SIKA turbine push-in units have proven especially effective for this task. Low start-up characteristics facilitate the continuous measurement of even minimal flow rates. Their sapphire bearings make them durable and, due to a fixed pulse rate, there is nearly no series deviation. These advantages make SIKA turbines and push-in turbines the perfect flow sensors for the leak detection sector.

Push-in flow sensor VTY10

Push-in flow sensor VTY20

Push-in flow sensor VTH20

Push-in flow sensor VTH25

Turbine flow sensor VTY10

Turbine flow sensor VTY20

Turbine flow sensor VTH20

Turbine flow sensor VTH25

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